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Practice Essay Topics

[CSE Oct paper 2008)

1. 'When I think of my parents I see only polarities...Thick and thin, hard and soft."
How important are Paul's parents in his life?

2. Discuss the impact of 'place' in Maestro

[CSE Oct paper 2009]

3. 'For both Paul and Keller, music is not the most important thing; it is the only thing.'
Do you agree?

4. 'Maestro demonstrates that the choices people make can have long term consequences.'

[VCAA Oct paper 2009]

5. 'Maestro suggests that it is more important to develop and maintain relationships that it is to achieve success'

6. "First Impressions?
Misleading, of course."

How does Paul's view of Keller influence the reader's understanding of Keller?

[Insight for Yr12 2007]

7. How does Maestro explore the idea that we only appreciate what is truly valuable once it is lost

Audio Files of music mentioned in the text

Audio Visual links

Holocaust Survivor and images of a concentration camp (3 mins)

Life in Nazi Germany for Jews (2 mins)

"If you want people to believe your lies, set them to music" ( 2 mins)